Lucia Solis Classes in Seattle, April 19--21

This April, I'll be sharing the back building at the charming Ada's Technical Books in Seattle with my friends Lee Safar of Map It Foward and Lucia Solis of Solis Coffee Solutions.  We'll all be offering various classes there.  I'll be co-hosting one of Lee's classes (to be announced soon) and I'll certainly be attending one of Lucia's classes myself.  She has a lot to teach me. 

Lucia will be teaching two different classes about coffee processing.  



April 21: Understanding Coffee Processing for Cuppers

If you’re a barista, roaster or coffee buyer come hang with me on Saturday April 21st from 12:30 to 2pm. The room is small, limiting it to 30 seats. 

I'm excited to present a series of coffees that I've designed to demonstrate the power of processing on altering flavor. We'll cover advanced topics in coffee processing that go beyond reductionist terms like "washed" and "natural" and cup examples of custom-designed fermentations from Africa and Latin America against reference coffees processed using more conventional methods.

A Q&A will follow the presentation and cupping.

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Advanced Coffee Processing Techniques

There are two sessions on April 19th and 20th  specifically about processing techniques like Controlled Fermentation these classes are only for Growers and Producers who own or work in a Wet Mill. The session on April 19th will be in Spanish. 

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If you don’t have a Wet Mill where you can implement new protocols this is not for you - but if you buy from producers that will be in Seattle - please forward this link to them