Map It Forward Events in Seattle This April

My good friend, the irrepressible Lee Safar of Map It Forward, will be offering two classes this April in Seattle during the SCA Expo week. Lee has partnered with established, successful coffee pros to put on the Map It Forward series in an attempt to mentor coffee professionals in planning their coffee careers. The series is innovative and only gets better every session.  All classes will be available both in real life to about 35-40 attendees, as well as broadcast virtually to a private Facebook group. 


MAP IT FORWARD - How To Map A Successful Career & Business As A Coffee Roaster

I'm pleased to announce I'll be co-hosting this event Lee on April 21st from 3:00--6:00.  We designed this seminar to inform and empower current and future roasters (and business owners of roasting companies) in the specifics of mapping a considered career path as a roaster in today's coffee industry.

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MAP IT FORWARD: How To Map A Successful 10-Year Career As A Barista

Lee will co-host this event with our friend Jared Truby, aka 1/2 of Trubaca, aka co-founder of Cat & Cloud, aka the guy who made me a famously awesome cappuccino about 6 years ago :).  Jared is one of my all-time favorite baristas, and anyone in the industry could learn a lot from his enthusiasm and attitude toward service. 

Please click here for more about this event and to purchase tickets