The Lucia Update Update

My apologies to the 150 or so readers who wrote to me requesting samples of coffees processed by Lucia Solis.  Bad luck and timing have conspired to delay the availability of a suitable set of samples.  Let me explain. 

The first time I tasted a coffee processed by Lucia and her pet yeast, I was blown away.  The coffee was a Rwandan and it was probably the best cup of Rwandan I've ever tasted.  I immediately wanted more, and I told Lucia I wanted to be able to offer that coffee to my readers.

That coffee had already been spoken for, and Lucia and I hatched a plan to offer an Guatemala from a farm she was on her way to work at early this winter.  The crop was delayed, and Lucia couldn't be there personally for the fermentation, so we passed on that one.  Lucia's subsequent jobs all involved helping farmers turn low scoring coffees (78 ish) into more respectable offerings (84). Although it would be insightful to be able to offer and taste pairings of the Lucia- and non-Lucia- versions of those beans, I have been hesitant to offer anything below an 87.  I've made that decision in part because I want readers to thoroughly enjoy the coffee, and also because in my experience, too many people will taste an 83-point coffee alongside its former 79-point self, and simply walk away far less impressed than they should have been, because neither coffee was insanely delicious. 

The bottom line is that sooner or later, there will be a Lucia project suitable for this blog's readers, and when that happens, I'll reach out to all of you who have patiently waited for these offerings. 


Scott and Lucia.