UFO Upgraded Spray Head

UFO Upgraded Spray Head


We’ve chosen to offer an upgraded spray head for the Curtis G3 and G4 batch brewers. Why did we choose the Curtis? Frankly, the Curtis G4 Thermapro is the most capable batch brewer on the market, but its spray head is its proverbial Achilles heel.

The G4 has the industry’s most versatile programming and user-friendly interface, and it performs more consistently than most batch brewers do. However, the spray head greatly favors the grounds near the center of the coffee bed (evidenced by the large, depressed area in the center of the spent coffee bed). The result is exceptionally uneven extraction, which yields more bitterness and astringency and less overall extraction levels. 

Our goal was to help the machine reach its full potential by improving the evenness of its extractions. Our device produces better and higher extractions by distributing water more evenly across the entire coffee bed. That means your coffee will taste sweeter, less bitter, and less astringent, whether you use the G3 or G4. As a bonus, you'll be able to use a bit less coffee grounds to produce the same brew volume and brew strength. Our mighty little spray head will pay for itself many times over, in both quality and cost savings.

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