UFO Spray Head (for Fetco XTS)

UFO Spray Head (for Fetco XTS)


We’re excited to offer an upgraded spray head compatible with the Fetco XTS line. For years, sophisticated baristas have lamented Fetco’s change from the old flat-plate spray head to the “Cascading Spray Dome.” Our spray head radically improves the CSD’s performance by providing a more uniform spray to yield a higher and more even extraction with more clarity and less astringency. 

"From a coffee lovers POV the clarity of my filter coffees has improved drastically by the even extraction. Coffees that were good are now very good and from a business POV our ext % went up by 0.12 that forced our dose weight down by 3.9% saving thousands a year. It should be triple the price."

- Kris Wood of Black Fox Coffee

Note: We've encountered a small percentage of CSDs with an unusual design.  Please take a look at your CSD before ordering. If you have one of the CSD's with the small circles on the bottom, it is not compatible with our mod. 

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