The West-Coast Tour

I'm excited to announce that John is touring the West Coast of the US and Canada over the next two weeks with two DE1+ machines in tow.  John's demos have already wowed several groups of coffee geeks, and positive reviews of the machine are rolling in.  

I've added the section "Upcoming Decent Espresso demos" to the blog's sidebar.  If you'll be on the west coast over the next two weeks,  please keep your eye on John's calendar and try to meet him and pull some shots on the DE1+.  I'm sure you'll find watching the machine's shot-tracking graphs provide a whole bunch of "ah ha's" about how espresso extraction works.

I'll be joining John from November 25--28 in SD, OC, and LA to help with the demos.  I hope to throw in some espresso lessons and look forward to chatting with you in person.   As an added bonus for anyone who shows up in LA, I'll pull some shots of a coffee I roasted on a consulting job in Colorado this week.

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