Small Group Roasting Classes in London

I'm pleased to announce that my friends at Prufrock Café will be hosting me for two small group roasting classes on June 3 at their iconic cafe in the center of London.  

The classes will be of an unusual format and attendance will be limited to twelve people:


♠ I will ask each participant to bring two roasted samples*, along with printouts of the samples' Cropster curves (Artisan curves are acceptable).

♣ I will personally email attendees  to discuss their software settings, machine, and bean probe, to ensure the roast curvves are formatted well for the class.

♦ The entire class will cup all of the samples together, and we will analyze how the flavors relate to the roast curves.

♥ I'll make suggestions of how to improve the roasts.


There will be plenty of time for Q&A and I'm open to wherever the discussion takes us.


I offered a similar class at CRS in Sydney this past January, and the class was a big hit.  All of the attendees seemed to benefit, and I hope to build on that experience in London.

Please buy tickets through Prufrock:


Here for June 3 @ 9:00am -- 12:00pm

Here for June 3 @ 1:00pm -- 4:00pm



See you in London!



*Please God, let them bring only washed coffees.