Berlin Roasting Masterclass, June 8

Scott Rao-21.jpg

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be offering a roasting masterclass in Berlin on June 8, at the venerable Five Elephant roastery. This class will feature a few new, exciting elements, such as:

  • A comprehensive system to permanently banish ROR crashes, flicks, and underdevelopment.

  • A cupping of the upcoming Roast Defect Kit (if you can’t make it to Berlin, you can order the RDK through to get on the list.)

  • Free slices of Five Elephant’s legendary cheesecake.

  • A second cupping of roast samples, both good and (intentionally) bad, of a few choice, pricey coffees. I may even roast a natural for this, but thankfully we have the cheesecake to cleanse the palate.

Please click HERE for details and tickets.

See you in Berlin, and please remember to stop by the Decent Espresso booth at WOC for an extraordinary tasting experience.


Scott Rao