Introducing the Litmus XTS Spray Head

fetco XTS Mod CAD.png

Litmus Coffee Labs is excited to announce that we’re finally ready to sell our spray head compatible with the Fetco XTS batch brewer. Dan has been refining the spray head for the better part of a year and it has been in the hands of approximately fifty beta testers for a few months. All of the testers have been thrilled with the improvements in their Fetco batch brews, and through their experience we’ve learned how to optimize the product. We’re offering a limited production run of 100 spray heads that will ship immediately. The next several hundred orders will ship within a couple of weeks, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why the Litmus XTS Spray Head?

For years, baristas have lamented Fetco’s change from the old flat-plate spray head to the Cascading Spray Dome (CSD). Our spray head radically improves the CSD’s performance by providing a more uniform spray to yield a higher and more even extraction with more clarity and less astringency. 


From Kris Wood of Black Fox Coffee

"From a coffee lover’s perspective, the clarity of my filter coffees has improved drastically due to the even extraction. Coffees that were already very good are now excellent. From a business side, our TDS went up by 0.12. That brought our dose weight down by 3.9% saving thousands a year. It should be triple the price."

From Dave Stallings, Passenger Coffee

"It is hard to exaggerate the positive impact that the spray head has had on our batch brewed coffees. Of course we expected a more even bed and thus more even and balanced extraction, but this spray head has delivered on levels far beyond that: our extractions have increased across the board while also finding a focus, clarity, depth of sweetness, and cleanliness of finish that we have never before experienced on our batch brewer."

From Will Shurtz, Methodical Coffee

"I really love how much of an impact the spray head had on the quality of our batch brew coffee. There was a noticeable increase in the clarity of flavor of our coffee. So much so that multiple customers mentioned the difference they detected once we applied the spray head to our brewer."


Flow Comparison: The original CSD sprays in 12 large streams, while the Litmus device catches all the flow from the CSD and distributes it in 19 streams (apologies for the steamy video)


Caution before ordering:

We've encountered a small percentage of CSDs with an unusual design.  Please take a look at your CSD before ordering. If you have one of the CSD's with the small circles on the bottom, it is not compatible with our mod. Please let us know if you have such a CSD, we’d like to know how many are out there.


Here's a short video showing how to install the part


The Litmus XTS Spray Head snaps easily onto your existing CSD. Before snapping it in, please ensure the two parts are aligned such that the four middle holes are exposed, as shown in the video.

Please click HERE to purchase the Litmus XTS Spray Head.

Scott Rao