Online All-levels Roasting Class, January 19

students in Montreal class.jpeg

I’m pleased to announce that I will offer an online roasting course this January 19th. With the help of my friend Lee Safar of Map It Forward and Elixir Specialty Coffee, we will broadcast the class through a private Facebook group. All ticket holders will have access to the class video and discussion forum for one month after the class airs.

Please join us online, or if you’re in Southern California, we’d love to see you in person. Live seating will be limited, so claim your seat ASAP. The class will be held at Steady State Roasting Co in Carlsbad, CA at 2pm.

Online tickets are $125 USD, live tickets will cost $175. During the class we will cup samples from the upcoming Roast Defect Kit by Regalia Company. The RDK’s coffee will be the Jeremias Lasso Gesha from Colombia. If you buy a virtual ticket and would like to receive the Roast Defect Kit in the mail to cup along with us at home, the kit will cost an additional $50 USD (making online and live tickets the same price.) Please click HERE to order the RDK. (Note: we are terribly sorry but cannot ship the RDK to South Africa, China, Russia, Greece, or Brazil.)

All ticket holders, live and virtual, will have access to the class video for one month through Facebook. Please note that if you live outside of the US and purchase the Roast Defect Kit, it will take approximately two weeks to arrive. I guarantee you will receive the RDK before your online class access expires (given that you will have access to the class for one month, there is no particular benefit to cupping the RDK on the day of the live broadcast.).


All ticket holders will also have access to a discussion forum on the private Facebook group for one month. I will field questions every day on the forum. The forum will provide a safe, friendly space for a high-level discussion about roasting, something difficult to find anywhere else. Students of past online courses have found the forum helpful for solidifying the class lessons, have enjoyed the community feeling, and many have shared their roast-curve progress on the forum.

The course will be appropriate for roasters of all levels. Although I am calling it an “all levels” class, this course will touch on methods more advanced than anything in the level-three SCA roasting course (those classes are basic) , and I guarantee your satisfaction.

The class will include: 

  • Three hours of lecture and Q&A

  • Cupping and curve analysis of the "Roast Defect Kit" featuring good, baked, and underdeveloped roasts. 

  • Methods to manage ROR curves

  • Advanced methods to prevent ROR crashes and flicks

  • How to modify roasting machines for better performance. 

  • Pro tips to get the most out of Cropster and other roasting software. 

  • How to adapt various strategies to different types of machines. 

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.


Scott Rao