Introducing: Litmus Coffee Labs

Last year, I met Dan Eils, an engineer, through my blog. We found we had a shared philosophy on how to go about improving coffee equipment, so we decided to set to work on a new coffee-machine project (which will take us approximately forever to complete). While working on the machine, I suggested we take on some bite-sized projects to fix some problems in coffee making, and hopefully those projects would make enough money to fund our R&D along the way. Thus was Litmus Coffee Labs born. 

At Litmus we've got a few products in the pipeline, all designed to be affordable and to significantly improve your coffee. We’ve had dozens of beta testers using our products happily for several months, so we’ve decided we’re finally ready to launch our company. We will announce products on this blog, you can buy them HERE and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our products. Feedback is always welcome. 

If there are any common coffee-machine parts you think could use an upgrade, drop us a line here or at