Roasting Masterclass | Montreal (11/7)

probats and vortx.jpeg

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be offering a three-hour roasting masterclass in Montreal on November 17. The masterclass will include two hours of lecture, a cupping of the Roast Defect Kit, and thirty minutes of Q&A. I personally guarantee that any roaster who attends will take home many new and useful roasting ideas to implement.

Tickets and information about the class are available here.

As many of you know, I founded Café Myriade in Montreal back in 2008. At the time, Myriade was incredibly innovative, and many of the systems I brought to Myriade became standard practice in cafes around the world. Some unfortunate incidents transpired a few years later, and I sold my share of the business. Montreal is a wonderful city, and I’ve missed it ever since.

On November 17, I’m not only offering the masterclass, but returning to the Montreal coffee scene as a partner with Andy Kyres (of Tunnel Espresso) in The Canadian Roasting Society, a new co-roasting facility. I believe CRS will impact roasting in Montreal the way Myriade once revolutionized the city’s café scene. We will offer roaster training, white-label roasting, and rental time on our fleet of Probat roasters.

After the masterclass, we’re holding several public events:

  • A cupping of Tunnel’s future roasting brand (name TBD)

  • An espresso lesson based on a demo of the Decent Espresso Machine

  • An espresso extraction contest using the Decent

  • A grand-opening celebration with music and drinks.

If you’re anywhere near Montreal on the 17th, we’d love to see you there.