Orange Cactus Rao

As you may know, I gave up on ‘YES or No by RAO” a while back.  The game didn’t generate that many questions, and the questions I received were rarely the type that could be answered with a simple Yes or No.  I spent much more time asking people to rephrase questions than answering them.  I may never understand why that was, but it was time to cut the cord.  

After cancelling YES or NO, I solicited suggestions from readers for an easy Q&A format.  The most appealing suggestion came from Jake and Mike of the Orange Cactus Coffee podcast.  They offered to collect and filter questions from their listeners, and submit them to me, and I would voice-record my answers, which they would then spiff up and turn into a short podcast.  I’ve kept the answers dense and compact in order to give listeners the best value for their time that I can.  Our podcast Q&A's will be no longer than 5 minutes each. 

The first episode dealt with sweetness and acidity in coffee, and the second episode was about green-coffee storage concerns. 

I’d love your comments and suggestions.