Map it Forward: Beginner's Roasting Workshop (1/7)


My friend Lee Safar has spent the past year developing “Map It Forward,” a workshop to help coffee professionals plan their coffee careers.  Lee wanted help to offer a similar workshop for those interested in mapping a career in roasting, so last week at the Copa Vida roastery in Pasadena (thanks Steve!) I spoke at the first Map It Forward: Roasting workshop with Lee and Sumi Ali.  The workshop was a success, with dozens of people attending in person as well as virtually.  We received heaps of positive feedback, and many attendees requested a beginner’s class on roasting.

We’ll be offering a beginner’s roasting class at 11am PST on January 7, 2018 at Common Room Roasters in Newport Beach, CA (thanks, Ed!).  We have space for about ten students to attend in person, and many more to tune in online. 

The workshop is what I would consider a beginner’s class, though given the current, abysmal state of roasting education, the industry would probably consider this an “all levels” class.  I’ve yet to meet someone who had attended a beginner’s roasting class and walked away with any accurate, practical knowledge.  I’m frustrated each time I hear about what was “taught” in standard, industry roasting classes. We’d like to fix this problem, and my goal is to help new roasters learn good habits and proper theory from day one. 

The workshop will be three hours, and will consist of lecture, hands-on roasting demonstration, an extensive cupping, and all the Q&A you can handle.  Both present and virtual students will be welcome to submit questions ahead of time as well, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

 The cost will be $99. Details and tickets and are available here.