LA Roasting Cooperative

I know it's not a novel concept these days, but I'm opening a co-op roastery in Los Angeles.  I had first attempted to partner with a friend to open a cooperative roastery in LA about six years ago, and that fell through, but I'm happy to announce that I've formed a new team ready to change roasting in LA forever.  And it only took me 10 years :0.   We've secured a great space near downtown LA to offer the highest quality cooperative roasting operation in the US. 

Among the goodies we'll offer include: 

  • Probat G45 roaster

  • Probat UG22 roaster

  • Mill City 15kg roaster

  • DE1PRO espresso machines

  • Various sample roasters analytical equipment (moisture, density, and aW meters, etc), and packaging machinery, etc.

All of our roasting machines will have the most advanced, proprietary software out there for any degree of roasting automation our users desire.  I've used almost every roast-control system in the world, and I have to say:  almost all of them are not worth using.  We're going to offer best-in class controls and excellent, optional automation systems, as well as free consultations for anyone who joins and wants to up his or her roasting game.  

We also have a few novel, exciting machines, features, and interesting neighbors up our sleeves.  We'll publicly announce when we're ready to open our doors sometime in mid-2018.