Consulting Services


General Consulting: online or by phone: $275 USD/hour

  • A la Carte Roast-Curve Analysis        $75/curve

            Send me a curve, and I will help you improve it. 

            *Requires cropster and a bean probe <6mm.  

  • Thinking about buying a roasting machine?  

Get expert advice before making your company’s most important investment:  $150 flat fee

  • Cafe planning, layout, and design:   $275/hr



  • On-Site Roaster and Barista Training: 

Please email to discuss; pricing and availability will vary depending on location and schedule. 

-In the US: Minimum of one full work day @ $2200 + expenses

-Outside the US: Minimum of two full work days @ $2200/day + expenses

all prices in USD


Satisfaction is Guaranteed!