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Welcome to the most advanced roasting class ever taught, anywhere. In this class you will learn a ton of valuable, practical information, no matter how long you've been roasting. I guarantee it. 

This roasting masterclass will include:

  • Cupping and roast-curve analysis of several roast samples.
  • Discussion of how to identify roast defects, both in the cup and in curves. 
  • Practical methods for improving roast consistency that will benefit any roaster. 
  • Introduction of several new strategies to manage the ROR around first crack.
  • Heaps of new material. I've been saving up new ideas gleaned from my consulting work on 300+ roasting machines over the past few years, and much of this class will consist of new material I've never discussed publicly. 
  • A vibrant Q&A session. Bring your toughest questions, and make sure you leave with the answers to everything you want to know about roasting.

**If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Scott directly:

** Please do not contact Five Senses with questions. Thank you.